Feb 4, 2009

Asami Honoka-popular japanese AV

Asami Honoka was born on the 24th of December 1982 - Her measurements are Height 155cm, Breasts 90, Waist 57 and Hips 84 Asami is what I can describe as an experienced middle-player in the Japanese AV Idol world, always there but not quite made it big yet. Her videos are of a pretty good quality, professionally made, well edited, good entertainment and Asami does have a great figure although she is pretty short (5' 1"). Her JAV videos include - Honoka My Love, If You and Continuation of Dream

Asami's Japanese Idol movies include

Asami Ogawa was born in Tokyo, Japan, on the 11th of April 1985 - Her measurements are Height 167cm, Breast 97, Waist 69 and Hips 89 - Asami only usually stick to solo, one-on-one productionsHalf of her videos are actually nude Gravure and Mosaic releases and only sometime goes into softcore stuff. Asami's Japanese Idol movies include - Star is Born, Momentary Girlfriend, Erotic Mouth, Love and Beach and Risky Mosaic Debut - A tall Japanese Idol compared to most of the others, Asami certainly appels to a section of JAV or JIV fans who are not obsessed with the short schoolgirly type or the big and busty type of Idol which seems to rule the roost at the moment in the Idol business, so it is a refreshing change when a model like this comes along